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Who We Commonly Help

  • Home and Institutional
  • Auto Lube & Body Shops
  • Restaurants & Hospitality
  • Carpet, Ceramic & Speciality Cleaners
  • Commercial Glass Cleaning & Washing
  • Cannabis Growers & Processors
  • Food & Dairy
  • Commercial Agriculture
  • Construction & Heavy Equipment
  • Environmental & Government Agencies
  • Oil & Gas

Predictive Chemical Inventory Management (PCIM)

An inventory management optimization system we offer that analyzes current day-to-day data provided by businesses and people, and suggests actions which can be taken to reduce supply costs, maximize storage, or enhance operations.

Engineering Consultations-Formulation Services

We develop efficient, nontoxic formulations to solve the hardest problems. Cost structures based on desired level of quality and volume: from professional to DIY.

24/7 Field Response- Formulation Support Services

We help businesses at any time during production or packaging runs maintain stability and specific phase behavior. Let us help your business in procedural & process development along with other services.

Private Label Consultations-
Design Services

Whether you have a finished Brand, a high-end formula, or are in the brainstorming stage. We can assist you in any capacity you require within our full service contract alliance of businesses that we partner with.

Custom Emulsification & Blending Services

Our group has over 40 years of technical knowledge in support of expert emulsification services for a range of clients from consumer products, food services, to agriculture & cannabis. Receive exceptional support for your Intellectual Property (IP).

Off-Shelf Speciality Chemical Formulations

Perennial Formulations offers over 10 off-the-shelf specialty mixtures for private label or purchasable for both producers, suppliers, or services that require a hands on, high quality solution.

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