5 Reasons Infused Scented Vinegar Rocks The Cleaning World

Cleaning vinegar is made from the fermentation of ethanol with acetic acid. It is a key ingredient in most natural non-chemical household cleaners and has been known for years to be helpful around the house. You should use cleaning vinegar for more than cleaning — because there are 5 surprising ways to use our infused … Read more

Disposable Cleaning Wipes: 20+ Ingredients to Look For

Cleaning should be a routine process carried out daily, weekly, monthly and seasonally. Basic housekeeping can keep order by reducing the growth of potential pests and germs while protecting your investment in houses and properties. Learn more from our other posts on cleaning and cleaning products: The Science of Clean: Cleaning 101The Anatomy of a … Read more

The Anatomy of a Cleaner Part III

Perennial cleaning anatomy of a cleaner

Part III: Product Modifiers Why are the ingredients in your household cleaners selected? Just what is their role in helping your cleaner do its job? In this blog series, we break down the basic roles ingredients serve in typical household cleaners.  In our first post in the series, we explained that household cleaner ingredients fall … Read more

The Anatomy of a Cleaner Part II

In this blog series we break down the basic roles ingredients serve in typical household cleaners. Last week, we explained that household cleaner ingredients fall into one of the following categories: solvents, surfactants, builders, fragrances, preservatives, pH adjusters, and product modifiers.1 In that post, we discussed what solvents and surfactants are and the fundamentals of their functions. In this post, we will discuss builders, fragrances, and preservatives.

The Anatomy of a Cleaner

Have you ever looked at the ingredients of your household cleaner and wondered, “What on earth are these chemicals? Why are they necessary to clean my home?” If so, you are like many others. In this bite-sized blog series, our Ph.D. scientists will describe the components of a typical household cleaner and clarify some of the jargon used in the field.

Understanding Organic and “Chemical-Free” Cleaners

In our last “What it means to clean green” post, we discussed natural and all-natural ecolabels and the standards cleaning products must meet in order to obtain these seals. This week, we will explain what it means for a cleaning product to be labeled as “organic” and we will discuss “chemical-free” labeling What is an … Read more

Learn More About Cleaning Standards

In Part I of this series, we covered some essentials for questions like “what does eco-friendly mean?”

What about “natural”? Are these products any worse at cleaning than “traditional” products? What are some of the standards (“ecolabels”) and what do they mean?

In this post, we will start to delve in to these and other questions related to greening your clean.

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