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We get a lot of questions, so we compiled a list of the popular questions our customers tend to ask.
If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact us directly and one of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.

General Questions

Currently, orders above $35 qualify for free shipping. Typically our shipping rates are below our competitors depending on the area.

Our shipping fees are based on weight rates due to Covid 19 price increases on shipping. One flexible flat fee is applied currently $9.99 if available.

Be sure to become a Partner to receive exclusive samples, discounts, and free shipping opportunities.

Customers can expect exchanges and credits for any defunct and malfunctioning product. Please contact us for more help.

Depending on the product a 30 day guaranteed refund may be available, however many products are considered final sale if handled by the customer.

Due to Covid 19 pandemic, we are unable to process and handle returns for the safety of our staff. We can provide support and credit.

We are currently in talks to put our new products on shelves. Currently online and word of mouth is how you can find us. By designing, manufacturing, and fulfilling our own products, we have found ways to dramatically lower the cost to you.

If you sign up for our newsletter or through our portal page, you will receive more information on how to set up an account.

By purchasing a product, you will also have the chance to register for an account.

Besides free shipping coupons, discounts and other goodies. You can be the first to receive product updates, new product samples, and other exclusive content.

We also provide wholesale pricing to our Perennial Partners.

Yes. However you must contact us directly or utilize one of our dealers outside the United States.


Environment and Sustainability

Climate change seems set to bring about severe suffering in the world, and this burden will fall upon all of us to fight it.

We seek to use the best methods to create formulations that reduce the amount of VOC and greenhouse gases while still maintaining the quality that previous solvents provided. In this fight we bring advancing techniques to reduce our own carbon footprint while giving you the peace of mind that whatever Perennial Formulations product you select is able to do the job responsibly.

Selecting safer chemicals for our products and processes have been paramount in identifying and working with suppliers. Vendor relationships are established through research of cost and quality, as well as other specific properties. Our technicians are trained to relay any deviations quickly, limiting the off-chance of contamination or other off-spec issues that may arise. 

Chemical and formulation decisions occur dynamically based on upstream samples and data that is screened based on systematic testing, modeling, and application-driven results. The end products are further refined through traditionally accepted methodologies in order to retain quality and minimize reputational costs found in small outfits.

This allows Perennial Formulations to quickly address challenges that arise in supply chains and produce safe, quality products without incurring more cost to the customer.

One of our first lessons we learned was the amount of waste involved in many consumer products. With climate change currently effecting us now, Perennial Formulations has looked for a solution to this. 

We have found that refills lower the overall amount of shipping materials, energy use, and costs involved.  We are able to sell more of the things you and other consumers really need—products that actually work—minus all the additional packaging and mess.

Some of our products contain animal fats, be sure to check the label or product description sheet (PDS). No harm or testing have been performed on any animal including amphibians, puppies, kittens, mice, beagles, fish, ferrets, or great apes. 

Yes, many of our products are gluten free.

However, if you have celiac disease, it is in your best interest to use gastroenterologist’s recommended products or make sure to check the ingredients thoroughly. If we do not have a product available for your needs, we can help you find it or you can help us make it.  

Our surfactants/emulsifiers used in our products are commonly designed from vegetable and renewable sources, such as starches, coconut, palm, sunflower, and soybeans. Our labels and product description sheets will describe whether they contain soy. We welcome any further questions.

Brands and Products

Formulation and Support

Perennial Formulations’ multipurpose cleaners will remove and cut into dirt, grime and grease from multiple surfaces but is not known to kill many of the germs that can cause illness and disease. Our cleaners may assist in harmful particles or films  through mechanical removal.

In general if you are in an area that are more likely to have harmful germs you should also use a Disinfectant Spray or Wipe alongside using a multipurpose cleaner.

We are currently working on getting our products approved not only in organic and bio-certified programs but also cruelty-free associations.

If you have questions regarding the organic or plant based nature of our current formulations, please contact us!

99.8% of the time. Yes. Any known potential hazard  will be acknowledged in the labeling or product description sheet.

If there is a specific ingredient or application that concerns you. Please let us know.

In general yes, however, for specialty products, possibly not.  Please be sure to check the label/product description sheet to double check whether it has any nut oils/extractions or other ingredients that may affect your health. Please contact us if you have any concerns.

You deserve to know when the products are still safe to use and retain the same consistency every time you use it. For our organic and natural based products this becomes much more important as our products can change over time much faster than synthetic formulations.

Most of our products are preserved using pH and other safe chemical methods to reduce fungal and microbial growth. Since our products have high water activity that creates a very nice environment for nasty films and molds to growth from, we tend to increase the preservatives to around 1% of the solution. Many times our products are

Our fragrances usually involve/or require some sort of analysis that indicates the composition. We commonly use hydrosols or floral waters, that are created using a distilling process involving fresh leaves, fruits, flowers, and other plant materials. These waters based fragrances include properties that are found in essential oils, though much less concentrated.

If it’s not our pump/spray/dispenser, we cannot diagnose the issue. We can provide directions to assist in using refills to replace your current products as always we’re happy to help.

In many of our application tests and customer feedback reports, we have found that too much product is being applied.

We have found that streaking is more prevalent in “Natural” products so we recommend using a wet rag or a microfiber towel.

We are currently working on a non-alcohol hand and surface sanitation platform in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Following CDC and FDA Guidelines we recommend using hand soaps and warm water for at-least 60 seconds.

Please be sure to check the label of the stain remover/deodorizer to double check whether it is compatible.

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